We help you develop a program that takes your guests out of their comfort zone and gets them working together to devise actionable solutions to the challenges facing your business.

Your program will reflect the C2 approach of generating collisions of ideas through the cross-pollination of disciplines and backgrounds. The result: fresh perspectives and more innovative and creative ideas. On the agenda: inspirational talks from thought leaders in your field, as well as collaborative workshops and masterclasses with renowned experts, labs designed to challenge the senses, and one-on-one sessions.

Talks and panels

C2 boasts a rich, diverse and extensive network of industry experts, opinion leaders and change-makers. They come from partner companies, academic institutions as well as the overall ecosystem of C2. In seeking to challenge the participants’ ideas and preconceptions, we would introduce a series of thought leaders to present their expertise and innovative thinking onstage as it relates to a predefined theme. These speakers are encouraged to remain involved throughout the day, driving solutions through a variety of collaborative activities alongside participants.

Collaborative workshops

These highly engaging activities present an opportunity for participants to familiarize themselves with a new approach or creative process that can be applied to their day-to-day. These activities are designed by C2 and in collaboration with experts from various organizations, the content of which is developed according to your needs.

Atypical brainstorming sessions

Lab experiences are based on the assumption that we usually get our best ideas in unexpected places and moments. These atypical brainstorming environments are designed to propel participants out of their usual frame of reference by tapping into all of their senses, enabling them to experience unique, playful and meaningful idea-generating activities. Here are a few options our conference packages can offer:



Sometimes it’s important to immerse yourself in an idea, to sit back and let the thoughts soak in. It’s important to take the time to think further and bigger. Guided by a facilitator through a series of questions, small groups of blindfolded participants brainstorm in a ball pool on identifying the next project or breakthrough innovation that will disrupt their industry.

By inviting participants to think about the future while immersing themselves in an unusual context, this lab is ideal for exploring the concepts of:

Breakthrough ideas



Stopping for a moment might just be the most productive time for creative ideas. In a world of connectivity and open space, explore the many flavours of mindfulness. In this solo lab experience, participants equipped with headphones will follow a guided meditation to find a peaceful place amidst the bustle of the event where all their senses will be stimulated giving them quiet time and space to let their ideas flow.

By getting participants into an introspective frame of mind and by letting their senses guide them, this lab is ideal for exploring the concepts of:

Employee engagement



Discover how your view of the future can be enhanced by getting to know the perspective of a visionary from another field of expertise (urban planning, design, art, etc.). Each group of participants is introduced to a specific visionary’s perspective. They discuss the visionary’s main principles while using building blocks to represent opportunities related to their own business issues.

By getting participants to dive deep into another field’s perspective and to use their hands to build something, this lab is ideal for exploring the concepts of:

Interdisciplinary collaboration
Planning for the future



Learn how a shared task between participants can lead to better brainstorming sessions by shifting perspective from competition to collaboration. Each group of participants receives locked boxes which need to be opened to pursue the discussion. Guided by digital prompts, participants mobilize their efforts and solve a riddle to gain access to the key brainstorming questions.

By getting participants to work together to resolve a challenge and assigning each team member a specific role, this lab is ideal for exploring the concepts of:



The cloud

With so many unknowns clouding our decision making, it’s sometimes difficult to move forward with clarity and confidence. But this is totally normal. In the company of others, move through the fog of uncertainty in search of possibility and a light at the end of the tunnel.

By getting participants to engage in a focused discussion while in a zero-visibility environment – a room filled with dense fog – this lab is ideal for exploring the concepts of:

Perspective shift

Communal food and drink experiences

We see eating as another opportunity for connection. We can offer various options for collective culinary experiences.

Artistic performances

Ambiance and live music are carefully curated to encourage conversation. Creative prompts can be incorporated to spark conversation and to encourage further connections.